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HULL BREACH v.0.93.4

May 9, 2016


Patch note 0.93.4 on steam


-2 New inputs for taking a stack of objects or half a stack. Can be rebinded in the Inputs Options. 



-New Special Effects for heat environnement.

-New Special Effects for cold environnement.

-Broken FX will disappear as intended when repairing.

-Added a little smoke on the broken FX of the diagnosis machine.

-Scale of screen of Diagnosis machine has been reduced a little.

 -Restart button will now display text color text as intended.

 -Opacity black screen Choose profil = 90% (lock camera and unlock if return)

-Posters in cabins will receive light as intended.



-Version button that redirect the player to our website will play a "fail sound" if there is no internet reachability.



-Teleporters will no longer make the player fall a little distance and should not make the player able to see through walls during 1/10th of a second.

-Hopefully fixed TimeScale bug. Should not freeze again during new day screen.

-Reflection probes should not blend out of the rooms anymore (making the corridors walls suddenly lighting).

-You should have no more little lags when you approach a room for the first time.


Keep on surviving!

Thank you to all future survivors for your unconditional support.




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