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Drift Into Eternity 0.94

May 24, 2016



Patch note 0.94: patch note on steam



- All circuit breakers are correctly set as containers.

- Renamed Inputs : "Log Switch" becomes "Log Toggle", "Mouse 1" becomes "Interact" and "Mouse 0" becomes "Transfer Object".

- You can return from New Game and Load Game menus by pressing escape.



- Updated lighting for all rooms and corridors (work still in progress)

- Decoration objects added to R30/R31/R56/R59.



- Changed visual of Body Scanners screen.


- Rescale some containers in storage bays.


- Save feedback (rotating wheel) will now correctly display on top of every other interfaces.


- Heat Effect optimized


- New planet+moon holograms in R54-Communication Room


- SplashScreen now displays correctly



- New voices tutos for many objects and for rooms with fire and/or acrycine (aim at an object and press T)


- Using food or drink will now shout a sound.

- Open and close inventory now have a sound.

- Sounds volume is now between 0-200%, instead of 0-100%. It was confusing to think that 50% was the normal volume.


- Sound of closing inventory will no longer be played when you try to display the room stats or when you remove acrycine.


Keep on surviving!

Thank you to all future survivors for your unconditional support.







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