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March 22, 2016

Patch note v0.90: patch note on steam




- Broken teleporters will now trigger a "small alarm": https://soundcloud.com/wabstudio

- Using a shower will now use the Soap if you have one in inventory and give you a morale bonus (once per day)

- R39 and R42 filled with containers


- The weight carried is now displayed in the inventory, and not only when you open a container.

- Lower time before can act when opening inventory (0.5 second instead of 1 second).




- Added FX repair


- New button in Graphic Options to delete saved settings (and reset MasterTextureLimit since this option is no longer available and can make bugs)

- Overlay is now full blue to avoid graphical issues.


- Decal colors should be the right amount of grey. No more pure black or white.


- Acrycine removal FX will fade smoother.

- Cabins have their names on decals




- Music position saved and loaded.

- Enhanced the detection system of the moment the player starts to play after loading, so the AI can start speaking at this moment.




- The "Continue" button will only appear if a save if available.


- Moved breach to avoid collision with mini-maps.

- Saves are now synchronized on the Steam Cloud.



We Finally managed to complete the Steam requirements, so we know for sure we will be available on the Steam store for next patch !


Thanks you all for your interest and support in our project, this has been a wonderful adventure so far and we hope it continue for long.







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